Planet A, a. s.

In 2011, we acquired a contract with Planet A, a. S., To a supplier of part of their optical network Prague – South City. For this project, we have provided a wide range of services ranging from engineering and acquisition activities, through securing necessary permits to customized implementation, which included all activities … more

MobilKom a. s.

In 2008, during the construction of the Ufon network, Mobilkom prepared a tailor-made solution for its owner. The network has been supplied with standard base stations, mobile base stations and technological containers. Some other work … more

GTS Czech s. r. o.

GTS CZECH s.r.o. was one of our long-time customers. We provided the company with comprehensive services for the construction of a fixed network infrastructure. Since 2005, we have been providing complex services for the construction of fixed network infrastructure, especially the construction of network nodes and turn-key sites. Our work mainly … more

T-Mobile Czech Republic a. s.

Our experience with the construction of base stations for mobile operators in the Czech Republic helped us to establish cooperation with T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. In 2012, ARBOR was selected for auditing on an already-operated T-Mobil network, the results of which helped to increase the efficiency of network construction. As part of … more

CETIN/Telefónica Czech Republic, a. s.

We are the direct contractor of CETIN, formerly Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, a.s. In the field of construction and service of the wireless communication network we have been working since 1996, so already since the very beginning of the construction of the first mobile telecommunication network in the Czech Republic under the EuroTel brand. We provide complex services for the largest Czech operator in this field on a turn-key basis. We build all kinds of base stations from small repeaters … more